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Ron: Don’t touch her!

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“I don’t know, just everyone, really. The people. This place, Leavesden, and maybe just being Ron as well. It’s been ten years and yeah, I’m going to miss playing Ron.” - Rupert Grint about what he will miss the most

“I don’t know, how do I put that into words. What an incredible experience. I just feel so blessed that I was chosen. I was given the chance to experience all of this and have this be part of my life. We were the ‘chosen ones’. Yeah, we were… Yeah, very lucky…” - Emma Watson

“I just wanna say I love this place. This has been my life. And so I think it’s going to be very, very odd, I think for all of us. Because I don’t know what my day-to-day life consists of without you. All of you. And it’s wonderful. And I just want to say that I’ve loved every minute. And thank you all very, very much. ” - Daniel Radcliffe

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